Voyager Mobile

Patient care is a work environment with a relentless pace and abundance of distractions and obstacles. How do employees find the time to document performance when there are literally lives on the line? For Versant, we were tasked with creating a mobile application with the goal of reducing the time between observing a nurse's performance and documenting using their enterprise software solution.

The weight of the challenge was made quite clear through user interviews. The on-screen user experience had to take a backseat to the actual patient care itself. Our solution had to be something that could be completed in a manner that is sensitive to time constraints, while still minimizing the delays in documentation to assure that more accurate data was being input and recorded. A clean and direct interface was at the heart of the design in order to curtail complications in navigation and other user pain points.

The Voyager mobile app debuted in February of 2017 and is currently being rolled into active cohorts. The app is currently being expanded to include additional features for a wider range of users.