Vision Statement

After being the gold standard in nurse residency training for more than a decade, Versant turned to us for help with messaging and branding as the business philosophy evolved to take on a more activist tone.

Combining stock photography and motion graphics, the vision statement presents statistical information to call attention to the key issue of medical errors. The intent is to evoke an emotional response from the nursing community, bringing fixable issues to the forefront and demanding that viewers take action.

The vision statement was met with enthusiasm from many in the industry, who viewed it a call to action to empower nurses and nurse leaders. "Together we can do better" is a maxim that Versant and its client organizations can share while striving to improve patient safety. Versant has had substantial growth in recent years, expanding beyond nurse residencies and into other competency-based development programs.

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Versant Vision Statement from Versant RN Residencies on Vimeo.