Our Team

Friendly Vengeance began with three friends working together in interactive and experiential marketing with the desire to create for causes that we are truly passionate about. As our family grows, we make sure it does so in a manner that reinforces our culture and supports our vision.

Steve Tiseo

CEO / Evil Mastermind

Friendly Vengeance began as Steve's brainchild. As creative director and tech fanboy, he is excited and captivated with the potential of connecting people to activities and causes. Steve is currently not utilizing a degree in Interdisciplinary Film Studies from Wayne State University.

Amy Hua

CCO / Wicked Illusionist

Amy Hua is the art director and resident design geek. She specializes in coercing messy ideas and data into beautiful, logical visuals. She is also an avid doodler with a background in animation.

Dave Wolfe

CTO / Galactic Overlord

Dave is a recovering Mormon who began a career in animation, but developed a knack for coding himself out of sticky situations early on. Dave balances his life of ones and zeroes by riding one of many bikes (with and without a motor) around Los Angeles.

Our Culture

We promise to use our talent and energy to improve the world by creating digital experiences that are joyful, inspiring and purposeful.