Savvy Cooperative

We love working with passionate, community-focused startups. So when we first met with the founder of Savvy, we knew it would be a great collaboration. By using a cooperative model, much like REI, Savvy’s mission is to fundamentally improve the patient experience by connecting diverse patient experts to the professionals, studies and organizations seeking their input.

Savvy approached Friendly Vengeance after their concept had advanced in a healthcare innovation challenge and needed to bring their concept to life visually. We ran branding and user experience workshops in tandem in order to hone Savvy’s voice and tone. This approach helped to develop a customer journey and brand aesthetic that reinforced one another. With a word bubble logo, slightly whimsical iconography and vibrant, well-rounded palette we were able to establish a look that centered around voices, celebrated diversity and was not your typical stuffy medical research platform.

The prototype provided Savvy with a clickable walkthrough of how the proposed platform would function, by matching patients and their loved ones to relevant areas of focus or research through both paid experiences (Gigs) and a feed of thoughts and ideas (Sparks). Using this, Savvy advanced to the final round of the competition and ultimately placed 3rd overall. The coop has since launched and is building its community of partners. Check it out here!