Sometimes we launch a campaign that doesn't involve much technology at all. With PEDAL, we did exactly that. Working with Pangea Educational Development (PED), we developed a branded fundraiser that focused on the idea of personal stories for sustained involvement with the organization.

Billed as a social cycling fundraiser, the inaugural PEDAL campaign encouraged novice and intermediate riders to join a multi-day, long distance ride from San Diego to Los Angeles. This demographic was deliberately our focus, as these riders would be more inclined to share, brag and take pride in the effort and achievement via social media, expanding PED's reach to new audiences. Supporters were able to track our progress through a linked Strava account and interactive map on an accompanying microsite.

To date, PEDAL has raised nearly $12k for projects in Uganda, including a piggery that generates teacher income at a remand home and initial plans or a STEAM workshop for girls at a community center in Kampala.

Join us for a ride!