When Glauser Life Sciences (Glaux) approached us for help with a crowdfunding campaign to launch their nootropic supplement, we sat down to workshop the product and determine the ideal branding approach. Originally named Vinumix, the product was targeted at curbing alcohol cravings for those looking to reduce their consumption. In early discussions with the Glaux team they explained that the active ingredients in Vinumix worked by promoting healthy neural activity and reducing stress. Also, they were not married to the name Vinumix.

What resulted was a full retargeting of the product. To appeal to a broader audience, the decision was made to market the supplement to those affected by stress. Taking on the name Levium, the brand came together and the "Live Lighter" tagline was coined. We workshopped the brand's approach with the Glaux team and developed a look that balances lifestyle and wellness imagery with a restrained and calming palette.

Once the branding was in place, Friendly Vengeance helped to create a product site, a few options for package designs and advertising materials for Levium's social channels and ad buys ahead of an Indiegogo campaign for the initial product launch. After the campaign's success, we updated the site to integrate shopify for the continued sales of the product.

Feeling on edge? Give Levium a try!