Choose Your Hit

When the Hitman franchise planned to launch its latest title in beginning of a long election cycle, we teamed with LA-based agency, Omelet to let the people choose one of their targets. The campaign pitted two Gary's (Gary Cole of Office Space fame and Gary Busey of all-around Busey fame) against one another in an "election" to determine which one becomes the bonus target Hitman players worldwide.

We developed a microsite for the campaign. Like any election, candidate materials could be downloaded and shared on social media, hashtags were used to show support and attack ads were created. Visitors to the site could download these materials, or share a candidate's campaign videos and cast their votes for whom they wanted to target in the unlocked mission.

With millions of impressions and over twenty thousand votes, Gary Busey emerged the victor from an election that turned out to be far more civil than the one held the following November.

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