Hello Uganda

When our friends at Project Hello World and Pangea Educational Development joined forces to work in Uganda, we were eager to help them celebrate. Tying into our 2015 holiday greeting, we created an experience for our clients and friends that would demonstrate the potential of a connected world to the people of Kampala.

We designed and sent out holiday greeting cards to 50 of our partners, clients and friends, each with a unique URL and delivered an accompanying string of 50 programmable lights to the Hello Hub in Kampala. When our friends, clients and partners went to their link, they were invited to turn on their designated light. A script ran on the hub's computer communicated with an arduino controller to turn on the appropriate lights.

What was a rather basic interaction to those visiting the microsite, was received with excitement by those in Uganda. Seeing lights turned on from various sources across the globe was nothing short of magic. As plans for a community learning center get underway, we look to use the Hello Uganda project as a jumping off point for maker education in an emerging world market for entrepreneurship.