Little Caesars Arena Concepts

Interactive experiences in the live event space are a staple. Technology is used to sell products, demonstrate complex ideas and engage crowds of people. With new sports stadiums opening regularly across the country, technology is increasingly becoming a key component of the fan experience.

As a creative exercise, our team thought up some concepts centered around the new Little Caesars Arena (home to the Detroit Red Wings, Steve's hometown team). We brainstormed a number of activations, two of which we took a step further with some preliminary technical discovery and concept art. The first of which, an interactive touchscreen octopus tank, brought the team's unofficial mascot directly to the forefront. An interactive timeline celebrated the history of the octopus in Detroit hockey lore. For a more skills-oriented experience, we turned to a concept of VR and haptic feedback to immerse fans in the goaltending experience.

While we haven't received the go-ahead to start mollusk shopping, the exercise itself netted some great discussions around technology and emotion in the fan experience.

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